Photo of Christmas tree ornament of a gingerbread man head

I like Halloween, I like Christmas and I love Halloweenmas!

Halloweenmas is the best time of year… from October through to the end of December.

In the UK, Halloween arrives at a time of year when nights are dark and cold and everyone is starting to build up to Christmas. So for me, it marks the start of the most exciting time of the year.

It became a time of year I continued to love. I would often say “I can’t even think about Christmas until after Halloween.”

As soon as Halloween was over – there was a bit of a void between then and Christmas.

Then, in 2019, I came across a small black desktop tree, which I hung some Halloween ornaments on. So after Halloween, I started to transition it into a Christmas tree.

I realised that there are a lot of similarities and links between Halloween and Christmas. For me they have equal amounts of festivity, cheer, darkness and macabre.

There are some amazing European folklore tales like Krampus, Belsnickel and Frau Perchta – exactly the place where Halloweenmas is coming from.

So, it has become a tradition to put up the Halloweenmas tree every October and keep it up until Christmas.

In 2021, I set about to build this website and design a range of products that would bring the concept to life.

I worked with a very talented model maker called Chris, who spent month sculpting, molding, 3D-designing and hand-painting the characters I conceived and together we created the first ten Halloweenmas Tree Ornaments. We then imported a bunch of trees to become our Halloweenmas Tree and the rest, as they say, is legend.

Happy Halloweenmas!

Alan (founder and lover of all things spooky and festive)