The Making Of Halloweenmas

by | Sep 30, 2021

Here’s how we created our range of handmade Halloween and Christmas tree ornaments.

It was 2020, we all needed something to occupy our minds, and many of us also needed to look for new ways to make a living.

I’d worked with Cris Stewart (NEtoon Creative) for a few years and love what he does. He makes bespoke cake toppers and figurines and, in the North East, is known for his range of Wor Angel figurines, based on the Angel Of The North.

I’d been looking for an opportunity to create something special in collaboration with Chris, and came up with an idea that combined my love of Halloween and Christmas, and his talent.

I came up with the concept for ten tree ornaments, which I presented to Chris early last year. He took them away and got to work.

Here are the stages we went through:

  1. Design and concepts were put together with mood boards and size guides
  2. Initial sculpting and building to create the shape of each ornament
  3. Mold making to create 50 of each
  4. Molding the 50 from each batch
  5. Stamping the edition number on each ornament
  6. Adding a base coat
  7. Paint concepts and final painting
  8. Finishing
  9. Adding the hanger, tissue paper and box (each box is hand stamped and numbered by me and signed by Chris)

Being in lockdown for most of this time, Chris would send me photos of the progress he was making. And always on the lookout for a good social media opportunity, I made sure I saved them all.

Here’s a gallery of my favourite progress shots below: