White As A Sheet (Ghost) – Handmade Halloweenmas Tree Ornament


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AKA “Ghost Sheet”

Our ghost Halloween ornament – the classic figure of a sheet with two holes for eyes.

Part of our range of exclusive handmade tree ornaments.

Every Halloweenmas ornament has been handmade and individually hand painted in the UK.

Comes in a black box which will be individually signed and numbered in white ink.

The black and gold string means the hanger will add a little sparkle to a black Halloweenmas tree without standing out too much.

Edition Number: 01
Quantity In This Edition: 50
Design/concept: Alan Sawyers
Sculpt/Build/Paint: Cris Stewart (NEt00n Creative)
Display Type: Hanging only

Note: ornaments and boxes may look slightly different to photos, due to the handmade and hand-finished nature of the products.

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Our exclusive range of Halloween and Christmas ornaments.
Weight40 g
Dimensions75 × 50 × 50 mm