Púrpura Muertos (Purple Skull) – Handmade Halloweenmas Tree Ornament


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AKA “Purple Skully”

Púrpura meaning Purple. Muertos as in Dias De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead).

Hand painted in amazing detail!

Part of our range of exclusive handmade tree ornaments.

Every Halloweenmas ornament has been handmade and individually hand painted in the UK.

Comes in a black box which will be individually signed and numbered in white ink.

The black and gold string means the hanger will add a little sparkle to a black Halloweenmas tree without standing out too much.

Edition Number: 01
Quantity In This Edition: 50
Design/concept: Alan Sawyers
Sculpt/Build/Paint: Cris Stewart (NEt00n Creative)
Display Type: Hanging or freestanding

Note: ornaments and boxes may look slightly different to photos, due to the handmade and hand-finished nature of the products.

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Our exclusive range of Halloween and Christmas ornaments.
Weight82 g
Dimensions55 × 55 × 80 mm